This article is a part of a new series on starting a watch company. Each week we’ll be sharing updates as a small team of us launch a new brand from scratch. Catch up on the whole journey on our building a watch company page.

You may or may not know that I make my money designing and selling watches. This website is a side-project to share what I learn, not my main business.

My watches sell for £200-£400 and are aimed at watch geeks that are looking for a certain type of high-spec watch at a sensible price.

Over the last few months though, I’ve been trying to find a way to launch a new range of more affordable models that sit in the sub-£100 bracket.

It simply didn’t work as part of my existing brand, and I don’t have time to run a second business on my own. Supporting one business is enough work!

Then, out of nowhere, a friend of mine suggested that they were interested in launching something new and wanted to know if I was interested in teaming up. The timing was perfect – I could do the stuff that I’m good at and they could handle the day-to-day customer support.

So here we are, doing just that! We’re starting right now in late October 2018 with nothing except a very loosely defined plan to sell watches for less than £100.

Over the next 6 months+ you’ll see us start a brand, design watches, build an audience and then, hopefully, launch for orders.

Each week you’ll get an update of exactly what we’ve got done. We’ll share as much as we can, so hopefully you can follow along and do the exact same thing yourself. I’m hoping to also get some video updates done as well for those that prefer that format.

So make sure you’re subscribed to email updates, this is going to be a fun journey! The first regular, weekly update will be published next weekend on November 4, and each Sunday from then onwards.

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