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Well hello again all 🙂

There has been a quite noticeable increase in members over the last week, so for a lot of you this will be your first Crowdfundr email. Welcome! The Crowdfundr features a combination of the best current crowdfunding projects, as well as my latest and greatest bits of advice on starting your own business and funding it via crowdfunding. I hope you find either or both of those things valuable.

Featured crowdfunding projects

Unless I’ve missed them (I haven’t…), there haven’t been too many amazing launches recently. As a result, this week I’ve picked two campaigns that have been live a little while and that I’ve considered featuring before, but haven’t had an appropriate space until now.

The NOMATIC Messenger and Laptop Bags

Check it out at

The Crowdfundr NOMATIC

The Crowdfundr NOMATIC bags

I love bags. I buy basically all of them. It started with Peak Design (who make so many amazing products, check them out) but it’s continued ever since. I’ll be writing about why the Peak Design Everyday Backpack remains my favourite ever bag at some point. I have it with me at all times. But if you’re in to messenger bags, check out this from NOMATIC. They’ve run several great campaigns in the past and this looks to be another winner.

Sonic Soak: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

You can see it at

The Crowdfundr ultrasonic cleaner

The Crowdfundr ultrasonic cleaner

This one’s a bit of a weird one, not the kind of stuff I usually share here. I have a small ultrasonic cleaner that I got off Amazon a while back and I love it for cleaning my watches or razors or other small household items. Watching it remove caked on dirt with using nothing but water is pretty amazing the first few times you see it. But it’s very small, and as a result has a lot of limitations. This new tool, currently on Indiegogo, appears to solve all my problems – an ultrasonic cleaner on a cord that can be immersed in larger amounts of water and so clean far more things. I can’t wait to try it out!

My latest articles

For those of you that are here for the crowdfunding advice and guides rather than the featured projects, here are a couple of things I’ve published recently that you should check out.

So that’s it for another week! I’m on Twitter at and am very active, so grab me there if you ever want to get in touch. If you’re finding me via this newsletter make sure you let me know so I know to follow you back 🙂


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