This is a new thing, but I’ve decided to start publishing The Crowdfundr newsletter as blog posts a few days after they are sent out to the list. Some people have been missing the newsletter in their inbox and asked me to publish here instead, and I’m all about people reading my stuff!

Note that email is still the best way to receive The Crowdfundr as it will take a few days to get published here, by which time some of the deals may have expired. Jump on at!

Anyway, here we go:


It’s been a crazily busy week as I move 2 watch models in to production, but there was still time to put together a Crowdfundr for you all! Let’s get straight in to it.

Projects I’ve backed this week

I’m got a bit of a wet shaving obsession at the moment. As part of my effort to slow down and try to appreciate life a bit, I recently got rid of my crappy old electric razor and replaced it with a good old-fashioned Rockwell safety razor. Just taking a bit of time in the morning to lather up some shaving soap and go through a proper, peaceful process has been really liberating. Yeah, I do know how that sounds and I’m owning it.

Anyway, there are a couple of razor projects live on Kickstarter at the moment that I’ve decided to back.

The first is Occam’s Razor Enhanced Nano

Check it out at

Occam's Razor Enhanced Nano on Kickstarter

Occam’s Razor Enhanced Nano on Kickstarter

I’ll definitely be sticking with this one, I love the style of it and I don’t currently have a single edge, single blade razor in my growing collection. At around $0.70-$1 each the blades are slightly more expensive than a regular safety razor, but they are still soooo much more reasonable than any of the over-priced cartridge brands on the market.

The other project razor project I’ve backed is The Parthenon

You can see it at

Parthenon Razor on Kickstarter

Parthenon Razor on Kickstarter

If you’re new to safety razors this might be a good place to start, as it’s adjustable so you can start with it at its gentlest setting and it’ll grow with you as you get more experienced and want something a bit more aggressive.

If you end up backing either of them, let me know. It would be great to know which products go down well with you all so I can try to pick out stuff that will be well received in the future.

Upcoming projects

I run a watch brand so recommending another watch might seem odd, but I’m really excited about the upcoming launch of the alkin automatic (I think that lowercase “a” is correct use of the branding!) I’ve been talking with the founder, Charlie, for ages now and can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to his campaign. The alkin uses a Seiko NH35 automatic movement, which I’ve also used before in previous models. It’s a great movement for the price, and with such a nicely put together case I think it’s a great package.

alkin watch on Kickstarter

alkin watch on Kickstarter

It’s launching on Kickstarter on the 28th of March from just $235. If I were you I’d get there quickly because at that price I can see the early bird pledges going very quickly. Enter your email address at to make sure you’re notified of launch details!

That’s it for this week. Short and sweet, but all great projects!



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