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SE Ranking is a relatively cheap SEO tool that packs in a whole load of power and functionality in to an incredibly affordable package. With tools to track existing search engine positions, improve future performance and learn from what is working for your competitors, SE Ranking will become a vital part of your toolkit.

After a few months of use, here is my SE Ranking review. It’s quite in depth, so if you don’t have the will-power to plough through it all, here is my word 6 summary: It’s great, sign up for it!

I’ve been using SE Ranking for a few months now. I first discovered it when AppSumo ran a great deal for lifetime access, and have since grown beyond the relatively tight constraints of that package and on to one of their plus plans.

My business consists of a several blogs (including this one), online courses, crowdfunding newsletters and, most importantly, Hamtun Watches. Hamtun is my online-only brand of watches that I founded in 2015 and rely on for the majority of my income. As such, search engine traffic is critical to my success.

Prior to using SE Ranking I wasn’t making much effort to track search engine performance. I would write articles that I hoped might list well and result in traffic, but I wasn’t monitoring positions or doing anything to target keywords or phrases that might improve my results. I’ve therefore written this SE Ranking review aimed more at those that are relatively new to SEO or are running their own online business rather than writing it for SEO experts.


SE Ranking allows you to monitor your existing search engine performance, discover ways to improve it, and also, on the higher priced plans, find clients who may be interested in your services as an SEO expert.

I’m not an SEO expert and am not interested in selling my services as such, but I do run an eCommerce store that I rely on for my day-to-day income. I’m a one-man operation, so I need to be able to handle SEO among the hundreds of other jobs I do on a daily basis.

I quickly learned the basics of SE Ranking. Things such as picking keywords or phrases that I wanted to rank well for, then using the tools to monitor my position in the Google rankings for those terms.

The ability to provide a list of competitors and get insights in to what they are doing to rank well and which terms they are targeting was also a simple thing to pick up, even for a n00b like me. Knowing in depth what your competitors are doing to find sales is amazing knowledge to gain, and exploiting it can produce some quick and successful results.

SE Ranking competitor

SE Ranking competitor dashboard

SE Ranking features

This SE Ranking review is not aimed at those that are already all-in on SEO and are using a range of powerful tools. It’s for people like me that are starting out and want to get the best value for their money, quickly. Therefore I’ve picked the features that I found very easy to get started with and obtain value from:

  • Keyword research tool allowing you to discover keywords in your niche and sort them by various factors including, helpfully, which you will face least competition trying to list well for
  • Website audit to understand what you’re currently doing right, what you should improve, and how
  • Keyword rank tracking. Specify a list of terms that you wish to rank for in search engines and SE Ranking will check each day/3 days/week (depending on settings) to see how you are performing for each of them
  • Backlinks monitoring so you can see who is linking to you using which terms, and how they are performing
  • Competitor research. Provide SE Ranking with a list of your competitors and get frequent reports of how their sites are performing, which techniques they are using to rank well, and how you can beat them. Learn more about the competitor research tools on their competitor research page
  • Lead generator. If you’re running a consultancy or blog, embed the SE Ranking lead generator tool in your site. Your visitors will then be able to run an SEO audit of their own site once they have provided you with their email address. It’s an easy way to provide value to your customers while building leads for yourself
  • Marketing plan. Get a simple to understand report generated automatically for any of your websites and follow the tips to rank better

These are the features that I’m using every day to gain more sales for Hamtun Watches and improve the search engine performance for all of my blogs.

For a full list of features and tools included with SE ranking, check out their features page.


SEO keyword suggestion tool

Keyword suggestion tool showing longtail suggestions

SE Ranking pricing

The pricing matrix is somewhat complex depending on your needs, ranging from £2.40 a month right through to £112 a month.

For those starting out or running a single site, the personal plans offer loads of features and weekly tracking of your performance from £2.40 a month and is a great place to start out. If you’re new to SEO and want some time to decide if this product is for you, I suggest starting there.

I began on the personal plan and have now migrated to a “Plus” plan to gain access to additional performance tracking and the lead generation tools, which I find incredibly valuable. Even with all this functionality I’m only paying around £30 a month, which compares very favourably with Moz and other similar businesses.

For full details check out the pricing page and look at all of the plans.

SE Ranking price

Price at time of this SE Ranking review

SE Ranking review conclusion

SE Ranking has very quickly established itself as a vital part of my daily workflow. For someone relatively new to SEO like myself it’s friendly enough to use that it doesn’t scare me off.

There are so many features and tools that I don’t feel I’ve even touched on yet, so I can see myself getting even more value over the coming months.

I’ve looked at and/or tried other tools, including Moz, SEMRush, and using Google’s own suite of webmaster tools, and SE Ranking is the first one that has managed to combine a suitable level of power with an interface I found easy to understand and at price point I could easily justify.

If you’re an SEO master you’ve probably got your own tools and preferences already. If you’re starting out, or you’re running a business and want to learn how to optimise it for better performance, I don’t think there is a better place to start.

If I ever change my mind or switch to another tool I’ll update this review, but for now I’m an incredibly happy customer.

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