Hi, I’m Ross Davis, and in early 2015 I started my first company, Hamtun Watches, with modest goals. I wanted to support my family, I wanted to be my own boss, and I wanted to do something I enjoyed. I wasn’t interested in taking funding (and doubt I’d have got it anyway) and I didn’t have lots of savings I could use to get started. I had a day job that paid the bills, and with 2 young children I couldn’t afford to give that up. I had to find a way to achieve my dreams without risking my family’s stability.

In 2016 after more than a year of preparation I launched my first Kickstarter campaign for the Hamtun H1 dive watch with an engaged audience but no marketing budget. It raised £20,000 in 20 minutes making it one of the fastest funded campaigns ever, and went on to raise around £170,000 in pre-orders. In 2018 I launched my second campaign for the Neon collection and this time raised £20,000 in just 7 minutes.

Kickstarter & crowd funding consultant

Having spent the last 10 years in software and product management roles, with no funding and with no formal marketing training, I released my first product in late 2016 and hit the jackpot.

In the build up to my Kickstarter campaign I read from multiple “experts” that you needed to spend $7,000-$10,000 on advertising to run a successful campaign. That didn’t seem right to me, and anyway I didn’t have it. I can tell you exactly what worked for me and what didn’t. I’ll be honest about my mistakes and open about how I achieved my successes. I’m convinced that anyone can launch a successful Kickstarter on a tiny budget and without giving away all your profits to marketers if you plan right and understand your market properly.

Since the success of my first campaign I’ve been contacted by lots of people asking how I funded so quickly, how much I spent, and how they could go about it. Rather than reply to everyone individually I’ve started this site to share the knowledge I’ve gained through my involvement in multiple crowd funding campaigns, all of which have funded. I’ll share the tools, services and techniques I used to build an audience and launch products without wasting anything on advertising.

There isn’t a shortcut or any kind of magic formula though and I don’t claim that you’re guaranteed success, but if you follow the advice I share as closely as I did, I think you’ll find yourself well on your way to controlling your own destiny. It takes time and effort though, so get started!

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​When I’m not running Hamtun and helping people start their businesses I live with my wife, our three children, and our dog Olaf in Southampton, UK.

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I’d love to hear about your projects and help out if I can! You can also get me on [email protected] or on Skype at rosswdavis

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