This one is more of a rant without a solution really. How the hell does anyone name a company or product well?

This blog is called because was taken. My company is called Hamtun because Wikipedia said it was an ancient name for Southampton, where I’m based. My first watch was called the H1 because it was the first watch made by Hamtun. None of them really leap out as stunning brand names, do they? But what can you do? All the decent .com domain names are taken, usually by a squatter that isn’t using it for anything. So many small businesses are started these days that any obvious combination of words is taken already. I’ve found a few services over the years that claim to help you brand your business for a low price, has anyone had any experience with any of them?

Crowd sourcing a company name

  • NamingForce. Crowd sourced names with quality filtering from $199
  • CrowdSite. Crowd sourced company names from £29
  • CrowdDoodle. Naming contests from $99 with satisfaction guarentees
  • SquadHelp. Business names with matching .com URL from $199

Affordable company name consultants

  • Ink & Key. A proper agency with naming services from $500

If you know any other similar services drop me an email to [email protected] and I’ll keep this post updated. Naming is a problem I have every time I launch anything and I have plans coming up that I could use help with!