tl;dr most months are fine but avoid Christmas

I’m always being asked when is the best time of year to launch a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve launched a few very successful ones myself and so have spent a good amount of time looking into it.

There are a few obvious rules, but in general the numbers seem to suggest that their isn’t especially good or bad time except…

What is the best month to launch a Kickstarter campaign?

It’s probably obvious, but Christmas is a bad time to launch a product unless you can be 100% confident you will be able to ship it in time for it to be given as a gift. Money is short at this time of year and people have other priorities, so avoid launching in late November or any of December.

The New Year also isn’t ideal as people are still recovering from their Christmas overspend. My experience is that, as a result of this 2-month quiet period, you’ll see a lot of projects launch at the end of January and they’ll do fine, and from then you can pretty much launch in whichever month you want through until the next holiday season.

In summary:

  • January – mostly bad, probably OK at the very end of the month
  • February – OK, but you may have a lot of competition that has built up over Christmas. If you can wait until march, do. February is busy.
  • March – good
  • April- good
  • May- good
  • June- good
  • July- good
  • August- quite good, but remember that lots of people take holidays in August
  • September- good
  • October- good, but make sure you don’t time it so your campaign ends on Thanksgiving
  • November – OK, but avoid if possible
  • December – bad, avoid

Try to avoid ending on a weekend or holiday

This isn’t a month specific thing, but try to avoid your campaign launching or ending on a weekend or a big public holiday.

Check other countries as well – you don’t want to fall on a public holiday in the US, UK, Canada or Australia at the very least (assuming you’re targetting customers in those countries)

Before I started getting involved in Kickstarter projects I assumed weekends would be busier with people at home browsing to kill time. Turns out that’s not the case. In fact, people are at work killing time by browsing Kickstarter.

Got any different experiences? Let me know, I’m always updating this article based on my latest data/

Once you’ve picked the best month to launch your Kickstarter, the next thing to worry about is the best time to launch your Kickstarter campaign.

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