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Simple SEO tips tips all new bloggers need to know

I need to be honest up front about SEO. It’s not my area of expertise. My Google traffic has risen well over the last 18-24 months across all of my businesses, but it has not yet exploded. As a result, I don’t want to try to wing it and end up giving you bad advice. […] Continue Reading

Picking the best mailing list service for bloggers

This isn’t a post to explain why you should be building an email list. If you’re still not sure of that, head over to the article on growing a mailing list and start with that. But you do need a mailing list, and getting people on to it should be the primary focus of your […] Continue Reading

Using Fiverr to quickly prototype ideas

When you’re putting together a business or product, there will be stuff that isn’t in your skillset. That might be graphic design, video production, website edits, audio balancing or any one of thousands of things you’ll need to deal with. Sometimes you’ll have friends that can help out, and that’s great. Use them first. Call […] Continue Reading

Automating Instagram for rapid follower growth

Of all the social media platforms, the one that tends to perform the best when it comes to actually converting to sales/cash is Instagram. A year or so ago Facebook performed better, but since they switched focus away from pages and back to real people, traffic and interactions there are right down. Buying Instagram followers […] Continue Reading