Using AppSumo to find the best marketing tools

If you run any sort of online business, you’ve probably noticed that the tools you need in order to do it well quickly start to add up to a lot of monthly payments. So I want to talk a bit about AppSumo, and why you should be on their mailing list. AppSumo is a “deal […] Continue Reading

Launching a Kickstarter is the end of the marketing, not the beginning.

By the time you click launch on your Kickstarter campaign, your customers should be in place. If you’re planning to start marketing your products once they are on sale you’re already too late. Start now, it’s never too early. Too often I see people launch a Kickstarter campaign with no fanfare and no prior marketing, […] Continue Reading

5 steps that will make your Kickstarter launch explode

A Kickstarter launch is a huge undertaking. Get it right and your business could soar, but make some silly mistakes and your big idea could be dead before you’ve even given it a chance. Why would you want to do that?! Easy to control factors that will boost your Kickstarter launch Build out your email […] Continue Reading

A month with Twitter promote mode. Never again.

In 2017 Twitter launched their new $99 a month “promote mode” paid advertising feature which automated the promotion of your Tweets. Is it worth the money? Probably not… I was excited when Twitter launched promote mode. I hate messing around with ads, I just want the content I produce to be seen by relevant people. […] Continue Reading

How crowdfunding makes it easy to hit the jackpot

A crowdfunding campaign is a great way to test the market and launch a product on a small budget without risking your financial stability. In 2016 I launched my first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and raised around £170,000 for the H1 dive watch without spending a penny on advertising. Ignoring product prototyping costs (which are completely […] Continue Reading

Using MissingLettr to increase blog readership

Keeping blog posts fresh on social media is a great way of building extra traffic from older content. MissingLettr can automate a lot of that work for you. You know the feeling. You’ve written a great blog post and shared it on social media and it’s done OK. But then, as you write more and […] Continue Reading