How to pick the best time to launch your Kickstarter

Two of the questions I get asked the most often are “what time should I launch my Kickstarter campaign?” and “which day should I launch my Kickstarter campaign?” so let’s look at what tends to work. Do remember that there are other rules to worry about, the day and time isn’t the only factor to […] Continue Reading

How to build an affiliate scheme with Kickbooster

Most Kickstarter promotional services are useless. For some large sum of money a faceless organisation claim they will do undefined things to bring you thousands of backers. Whatever, they are mostly bullshit. A few, however, work. Kickbooster don’t claim to do your promotion for you, instead they provide a framework to let people earn money […] Continue Reading

Why it may not be a crisis to miss your Kickstarter goal

Additional costs can really build up, especially if you encounter any delays. Just scraping over the funding line could be a worst case scenario. If you’ve run multiple campaigns and are 100% confident of your numbers or if you have reasonable levels of finance in place before the campaign starts then this one might not […] Continue Reading

Kickstarter marketing companies

Kickstarter marketing companies swarm all over you as soon as you launch a campaign. They’ll promise the world, but are they worth using? Here is what I’ve found works and what doesn’t. Before you even consider working with a Kickstarter marketing company you need to make sure you’ve done everything you can to build your […] Continue Reading

Kickstarter case study: Hamtun Watches

£20,000 in 20 minutes and over £170,000 in total pre-orders, and all without spending anything on advertising! Let’s look at how… So let’s make sure this is clear up front – Hamtun is my business so it wasn’t hard to get the details. But the campaign absolutely smashed it and this blog is largely based […] Continue Reading

How to pick the best month to launch your Kickstarter

Summary I’m always being asked when is the best time of year to launch a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve launched a few very successful ones myself and so have spent a good amount of time looking into it. The Rundown Most months are fine but avoid Christmas In general the numbers seem to suggest that their isn’t […] Continue Reading