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I got off social media as it's a cesspit of spam, trolling and half-formed thoughts. But I still get the urge to write, so I've set up this website. It's a combination of business advice, product reviews, and general thoughts that I hope you find interesting.

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Generating website traffic and then selling ads isn't a business.
Build real products that people want to buy, then sell them at a profit. It shouldn't be such a controversial idea.

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Business growth advice and the best affordable products in the world.

I’ve spent years learning how to grow a business with a tiny budget, now I’m sharing everything I know. I’m also obsessed with finding the best affordable products in the world. Get reading, I hope you find it valuable!

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  • Designing & building products
  • Running crowdfunding campaigns
  • Bootstrapping startups
  • Watch design and prototyping
  • Manufacturing products
  • High-quality, affordable everyday products
  • Watches
  • The state of the world 🙁
  • Anything else that comes to mind
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What value should you declare on Kickstarter rewards?

Trying to understand what value to declare on rewards you ship comes up frequently, both in questions directly to me and also on crowdfunding forums. It’s important to get this right, as it not only effects you and opens you up to potential legal problems, but it also effects backers who live in a different […] Continue Reading

Automating Instagram for rapid follower growth

Of all the social media platforms, the one that tends to perform the best when it comes to actually converting to sales/cash is Instagram. A year or so ago Facebook performed better, but since they switched focus away from pages and back to real people, traffic and interactions there are right down. Buying Instagram followers […] Continue Reading

How to know when your mailing list is big enough

I’ve mentioned before in my when is your kickstarter ready to launch post that your email list is absolutely critical to the success of your business/Kickstarter campaign/whatever you’re doing. So how can we build it? A big list is important, but it’s only valuable if it’s also targeted sensibly. You’re better off with a few hundred […] Continue Reading

How to pick the best time to launch your Kickstarter

Two of the questions I get asked the most often are “what time should I launch my Kickstarter campaign?” and “which day should I launch my Kickstarter campaign?” so let’s look at what tends to work. Do remember that there are other rules to worry about, the day and time isn’t the only factor to […] Continue Reading