Starting from nothing, I've earned over $1,000,000 selling my products online. I'll show you how you could too.

On September 27, 2016 I launched my first product. 20 minutes later I'd raised $30,000 and within 30 days I was past $220,000 in orders. In March 2019 I launched my latest product. In 1 day I earned around $250,000, and within 28 days I was well past $550,000. All of that with no ad spend and no relevant qualifications, and my business continues to grow.

Don't Do An MBA contains the resources, tools and techniques I used to build and grow my business from scratch. No magic tricks, no luck, no ethically debatable tactics. Just a sensible, structured plan and the steps I followed to implement it.

At the heart of what I do are 3 simple stages that take me from initial idea through to fulfilment of a product, whatever the budget. I'll cover:

  • building a customer base and keeping it engaged
  • making money online by selling things, not ads
  • becoming an expert in your field
  • running a huge crowd funding campaign without spending on ads
  • marketing yourself, not just your business
  • designing and prototyping products
  • finding and working with the best suppliers from around the world
  • what has worked (and what hasn't) for some huge crowdfunding campaigns

Learn the tools, tricks, and techniques I used to create Hamtun Watches from scratch and develop it in to a thriving business with no marketing budget at all. It's advice applicable to anyone.

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Stage 1: Building an audience

It's critical that you have an audience for your products before you can make money online, learn how to build one for free.

Stage 2: Customer growth and trust

Build trust with your audience and they'll do a lot of the marketing work for you! Use them to grow your list big enough to launch.

Stage 3: Designing and selling products

Learn how to find suppliers around the world, design a product and launch a huge crowd funding campaign without a marketing partner.

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